About us

We, Valley Security and Safety Establishment, have the honor to be one of the leading establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we specialize in the field of supplying, installing and maintaining firefighting equipments, alarm equipment and safety equipment of all kinds. We have obtained many certificates of thanks from our customers and from government agencies that we dealt with in many cities of the Kingdom our clients constitute a large segment such as: hospitals, malls and administrative buildings, furnished apartments, warehouses, palaces weddings, schools, private homes and palaces, etc. due to our great experience in this field and the accuracy of the work of our technicians. This is according to the international specifications (NFPA) and the specifications required by the General Directorate of Civil Defense. We have specialized departments for maintenance work for fire fighting devices, automatic sprinklers, alarms, pumps and fire extinguishers, to ensure that they work at the time of need and work on these departments are distinguished elite of engineers and technicians who have certificates specialized in the field Maintenance.