Annual maintenance contracts, which include preventive and emergency treatment services under the supervision of an integrated technical engineering, and the contracts include the provision of labor for free during the contract period, and the contracts specify the number of preventive visits during the term of the contract, and the service also includes responding to maintenance cases when the customer calls.


Emergency maintenance: Valley Security and Safety Foundation provides a one-time problem correction service, where the maintenance team visits the site to conduct a paid-for inspection and indicate the status of networks, systems and safety equipment, and then make a valid contract to rehabilitate the site.  

Periodic maintenance :

The Corporation offers a periodic (annual) maintenance program by signing annual maintenance contracts for companies Government and private institutions, warehouses, and buildings. A specialized team visits the site and makes the necessary checks and tests on the basis of a visit every quarter and visits upon request to correct urgent problems. The Foundation provides a report at the end of each visit on the state of networks, systems and equipment signed and approved by the Valley Foundation for Security and Safety.